Posted: 07/08/16

Downtime is expensive! Any kind of service interruption means loss of time, money, productivity, and in the worst cases, customer loyalty. It is critical to have in place a facility maintenance supplier you can depend on.

Our facility maintenance support staff is available 24/7 and able to work on site at a customer location as often needed. Douglas Electric provides facility maintenance support to businesses of all sizes: when larger facilities have their own maintenance teams, they bring us in to help flex their team’s capacity. In some cases, our employees report directly to a customer’s location every day. In other instances , we may be at the location at various times throughout a week. Often a smaller business may not have the resources for a dedicated internal maintenance team, so they depend on our expertise when they need it.

We do not believe it’s enough to just “fix what’s broken.” One of the benefits of having a dedicated team on site is that our proactive approach to maintenance can help keep electrical problems from occurring in the first place. When electrical problems do come up, because our electricians know our customers’ locations so well, they are able to solve problems much more quickly than someone who has never set foot in the building. We get to bypass that “learning curve” completely. As facility-specific dedicated staff, we also become familiar with our customers’ various safety protocols, which is beneficial to everyone.

We take great pride in our reputation for building lasting partnerships with our customers, and find that our team often becomes an invisible extension of our customers’ teams. We are often called in during the early stages of developing the scope for a project, which helps with more accurate planning for budgets and execution, and allows us to truly collaborate with our customers, which for us, is the best part of our jobs.